Wirral Hypno Birthing

The UK’s Longest Serving & Most Experienced Practitioner Sonia Richards BSc, MSc

The Stages of Labour

Opening /Thinning Stage (First Stage )

Prodromal (not everyone has this, but its fairly common, can last a few days, contractions come and go and never get stronger longer and closer together)

Early or latent – up to 3-4cms (can last anywhere from 20 minutes to 20 hours)

Active – up to 7-8cms (can last anywhere from 20 minutes to many many hours but is usually shorter than latent)

Transition – up to 10cms or completely dilated (lasts the shortest and is the most intense)

Birthing Stage (Second Stage)

Early or resting phase (sometimes accompanied by an urge to push, sometimes not- can last up to 4 hours in normal birthing)

Active (urge to bear down)

Crowning – when baby’s head is being born

Birthing Placenta (Third Stage)

Delivery of the placenta – can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or so.